Hi! How are you all? I hope you all must be taking good care of your health and immunity.

Do you know that our overall health includes SOCIAL HEALTH, which means to be connected with our near and dear ones, our friends and relatives? You must have noticed that whenever we meet any of our old friend or for that matter, any relative or even an acquaintance, after a long time then it gives immense pleasure. We keep reminding our self-regarding that meeting for quite some time.

Since human is a social animal, he tends to make relations. But what’s more important is to maintain those relations. We should ignore little things in life so as not to let any relation die so easily. 

So to maintain good social health we should have good, healthy relationships, but…..wait…my dear….in today’s scenario we need to keep social distancing to avoid being corona positive, so maintain your social health through social media and other platforms.

At this point when COVID19 is at its peak, I am also reminded of hospitals. Hope of revival of a patient is higher in OPD than in ICU, but at both the places, the essence of treatment lies in the care. So, folks let’s take care of our relations and bonding and not let them go to the hospital and just remind ourselves of the glimpses of the time, we have spent with our family members, relatives and friends and scroll through it and enquire about those relationships from whom you have not heard for long.

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