Today everybody is well acquainted with the name – ‘Art of living’. The name itself manifests the purpose of organisation.  If you take up courses taught in this organisation only then you will experience the bliss as you can’t enjoy swimming unless you get into water. So, one has to start the journey on this path and rest of the things will follow automatically. There are a lot of courses in Art of Living but the chief feature is Sudarshan Kriya. There are many published papers regarding benefits of Sudarshan kriya which says that it releases such hormones which reduces stress, increases release of happy hormones & antioxidants, balances LDL/HDL levels and changes the nature of malignant cells. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji has formulated it in a manner to make it accessible for a common man too.

Sudarshan Kriya practice makes a person healthier, happier and gives a feeling to be on the top of the world. Stress is the killing element in one’s life and daily practice of Sudarshan Kriya helps in dealing with the stress, actually I would say that it does not let the stress to come at all. Attitude towards life changes. People say that they don’t have time to spare for such things but let me tell you that you just do the course and your experience of Sudarshan Kriya will itself manage you to do the Kriya daily. It’s not merely a course rather it’s a full package of happiness, health, time management and spirituality. One thing which comes in bonus is the Art of Living family. You will never feel like a stranger there. The way in which these courses are organised by the faculties, is commendable. The bond between teacher/guru and participant/devotee is forever.

I am writing this, not on the basis of any survey or articles. My own experience has inspired me to write this and also the experience shared by the persons who have done the course at my instance. 

Come let’s fly high with joy and happiness coupled with good health.