The basic Sanatan philosophy followed the culture and tradition as prescribed by the four Vedas which cover all aspects of life and tells how todeal with problems and situations. Till we followed the Vedas in true letter and spirit, we were world leaders in every field and that was the reason, why everyone wanted to capture our country. Our country was rich in everything. May it be precious stones, herbs, culture and tradition, science and technology, types of food grains, natural beauty, hills, rivers, forest or anything else you mention. Not even at that time, but today also, if you compare our country with world’s any country you will find that we have plenty of resources which can make us world power, if utilized properly and honestly.

If you see the world’s powerful nations, you will find that they can’t enjoy four seasons, variety of food grains, pulses, fruits, vegetables, natural beauty, number of languages spoken, number of religions and above all the emotional bonding we enjoy here in India. That’s why the foreigners visiting India, love to visit again. 

The only reason, we lagged behind is corruption and dishonesty which prompts a person to betray his own persons. We have heard various stories of demons, from our parents. Since, the beginning of human life on earth, demons have been there,in one form or the other. Hrinaya Kashyap, Ravan, Kans and alikes were alwaysthere. What changed was only the name. Even in old times people used to betray their relatives for the sake of kingdom. The greed takes away honesty and makes the person corrupt.

The Mughal invaders succeeded to enter India only due to greedy, selfish, dishonest and corrupt persons. Many kings of those days, preferred to allay with mughals instead of supporting Indian rulers just because of jealousy or greed. Had our countrymen been honest, no one could have entered here. If you check out the past of these Mughals, they were only dacoits. They came to India witha few armed people, just as beggars and not having proper cloths to wear, even. They succeeded in entering India just because of betrayal of some greedy, selfish and corrupt people.

When the Britishers entered India they also adopted the same policy of taking help of such dishonest people. Britishers could have been thrown out of India in 1857 itself, had those freedom fighters been not betrayed by some selfish people. Even at the time of Independence, India suffered the jolt of partition just due to such selfish and greedy people. Just think, why India was partitioned?The reason given for partition was that the two different cultures, who have entirely different lifestyles, can’t remain together. If this was the reason, then why the whole community did not leave India?

It was a great conspiracy against our country and we were be fooled by some persons, whom we trusted the most. If even after partition, the large section of that community was not ready to go there then, why the partition was done and if the partition was inevitable then the entire community must have gone there. But no, the reason was not two different communities rather it was also a result of greed and selfishness of two persons and the third one played a vital negative role because he disrespected the opinion of all other leaders, to please two persons.

That greed, selfishness, corruption continued as one family has considered the country as their ancestral property. We are so blind that we never questioned, how that family got billions of rupees even though none of them does any work in his/ her life. They are living a lavish life like king. The government of India took over majority of assets of all the rulers and, this family became a sole ruler of India, how? Just because of their loyalty to British emperor. Not only this family, even all other near and dear ones became billionaires without doing anything. The level of corruption was so huge that you can’t even imagine. If you wish to know the truth just check out the past of these leaders and see how they have grown. The greed, selfishness, dishonesty and corruption are the reasons due to which we are unable to compete with the world.

The person offering bribe is equally guilty like the person accepting bribe. So, we also have to discourage offering bribe. We need a movement like swachh bharat to eradicate corruption and before alleging others, we must make ourselves honest. The day we all will decide to act honestly in our day today life the whole battle will be won and we will march towards becoming the world power.