A super hero is a person who does heroic deeds and has the ability to do them in a way that a normal person couldn’t. From “The Avengers, Batman and Aquaman” to “doctors, Army officers and actors” , our definition of superheroes transformed. From being crazy for a team of fictional superheroes to saluting the superheroes we met in our real life, our superheroes transmuted.

We all consider our doctors, Army officers and actors as our ”superheroes”. But, “what is apparent may not be the truth”. I don’t say that they aren’t heroes. They are heroes! BUT, there is a superhero behind each one of them.

Ever thought about that wife who says “come back soon” to her husband who is an Army Officer, very well knowing that maybe that soon won’t come sooner or later, knowing that she has a responsibly of a family in which a sister, a mother and a daughter would be waiting for their hero to come back soon. That lady, that woman is going to be the support system of the family. Doesn’t it take courage to bid goodbye to her husband? Doesn’t it take courage to be a mother and a father for her children simultaneously? To be both a son and a daughter for her parents? It takes! It definitely takes a lot of courage. She has a brave heart and that’s what makes her a superhero!

Being a wife of a doctor, knowing that her husband spends most of his day at a place that surrounds him of negativity, problems, worries, fear of life. A place where people are between life and death. Isn’t it a difficult task to be a backbone of such a hero? Isn’t it difficult to be a support system of such a hero? This pandemic is a lively example and I cannot have a better example to showcase how brave the wife of a doctor is. Her husband, staying away from his family, not coming home for a few days, working ceaselessly for even more than 24 hours. His support system, his partner is a superhero.

”Behind every successful man is a strong woman” is apt in proving and tagging the wives of heroes as superheroes.

Where a soldier takes responsibility of his nation, his wife takes responsibility of the family who gave birth to that hero. Where a doctor takes care of this patient at the hospital, performing a hectic schedule involving mental and physical work,  pressurized because he has to save a life; at the same time, his wife who is at home trying her best to be a father and mother both when her children requires their father’s love but can’t get because a doctor has no vacations! Has no holidays! Is never free! Yes, she too has an undaunted heart.

These women have a lionheart. Even if they aren’t on borders, not involved in saving lives of people are as heroic and appreciable as their partners. Let’s now understand and recognise the difference between heroes and superheroes and appreciate the courage that a woman took to marry a hero who might not be there with her all the time, might not keep her beloved all the time and might not protect her always; but still she chose to spend her entire life with such a person. She is worth tagging a superhero. She is a superhero behind a hero but still stands side by side with her husband. She isn’t just a wife but also a father, a son and a brother; at the same time a sister, a daughter and a mother too.