Love is a blessing for mankind due to which the whole world is living peacefully and feeling emotionally connected with each other. Love towards nature, humanity, animals, creatures etc. give rise to sentiments due to which we feel concerned or sad for the persons who face natural calamity or disaster, despite the fact that we have never met them. It is certainly the most precious and wonderful gift of God but some monsters misuse such sentiments to exploit others, to achieve their inhuman objects.

Love is never bad or wrong but lust is. It becomes a crime when you pretend to be someone, you are not and exploit emotions and sentiments of others just with ulterior motive of causing harm to the dignity of a girl. You have no right to harm others in a civil society but when such acts are done by a group of persons with planning, the government is supposed to act against such criminal acts and formulate laws to curb such menace.

In the recent past, incidents of Lust Jihad have risen very sharply and during investigations the government authorities have found proof which shows that such criminals were imparted proper training in planned manner and were offered financial help. All the culprits mostly belong to a particular community.

If you are using various social media platforms, you can see that they are flooded with stories, videos telling the truth of not only Lust Jihad but also about various other types of Jihads carried on by certain culprits belonging to a particular community. You may agree or disagree, as the pseudo seculars, communists, lutyen journos, so called writers and intellectuals usually do but now such dual policy will not work as the whole world has started feeling the heat of such inhuman acts. They are following a very well-planned strategy to wipe out all other religions and to bring the whole world under Islamic rule.

They are spending a huge amount to achieve their objective. Their game plan starts in the name of imparting religious education itself by radicalizing children from tender age of 4/5 years. They create a fear in the mind of all followers by saying that no one can ask question about their holy book even if he/ she is not satisfied with the preaching because otherwise they will go to hell (jahannum).

Actually no one paid attention to this issue until the same was raised by Hindu organizations, saying that it is a conspiracy to defame a community but when the same thing was pointed out by certain Christian organizations, it attracted immediate attention of some political parties who appease this community. How painful it is to see that the government of a sole country where Sanatanis can live peacefully, does not pay heed to voices raised by them but act immediately on the issues raised by other communities which have many countries to live in world. When this issue was raised by Hindu organizations it was ignored by saying that you should not blame the whole community for certain acts committed by some radical persons.

More surprising and painful is the way of dealing such issues, by accused community. At the first instance they deny existence of any such issue and when it starts happening in a noticeable number, they start saying that these are acts of few misguided persons. They are so hypocrite that they never accept the truth and always keep denying even though it is clearly visible. The best example of hypocrisy is exodus of Kashmiri Pandits on which no one is ready to accept or speak even today.

These hypocrites come out openly when Akhlakh, Pehlu Khan or alike is killed for any reason and start calling it lynching even if it is a simple fight amongst individuals or group but keep mum when two sadhus are killed by mob in Palghar, Ankit Sharma and alikes are lynched.

Yes, I call them hypocrites because they are. When Vikas Dubey, a gangster of U.P. was killed in encounter mostly every Hindu supported it but it is never so in their case, why? Whenever any terrorist is killed, they come out in huge number in support of such terrorist, claiming him to be a brilliant student, teacher or any kind of that sort.

Such hypocrites need nothing to support a culprit except his religion. They have built a very strong network to set and support their narrative which includes highly educated individuals, intellectuals, writers, bureaucrats, student leaders, political party leaders, news reporters etc. They have a very well-planned strategy to control the social media. You just search any topic on google and you will find everything which goes in favour of them and against Hindus.     

We need to act diligently to save our children from falling into their trap. Anyone who falls in their trap, destroys his/ her life. They don’t think even once before killing such victim. It is very difficult to overcome such a traumatic situation even if you save the life. So, we need to talk openly about this issue in our families and social circles, if we really want to save ourselves. We have already suffered a huge loss by keeping mum on all issues related to minority community in the garb of secularism. Secularism never means to keep on suffering at the hands of so-called minority and not to utter a word.

Actually, this fake secularism and appeasement of minorities has made us fearful and resultantly incidents like Shaheen Bagh, Delhi and Bangalore riots happened. This is the last opportunity in our hands if we want to save our coming generations. You have many examples before you to prove that this community has some DNA problem due to which they can’t tolerate any other religion. Incidents like Kashmir exodus, Mewat, Kairana, Mujjafar Nagar, Kerala, West Bengal and many others have proved beyond doubt that they will not spare you, once they are in majority. You show me a single Islamic country or muslim majority State or city where others can profess their religion freely. Even in so called most advanced Islamic countries you can’t profess your religion freely. You can’t drink water or eat at public place during ramzan.

So, this is a wake-up call for all of us to unite and fight against this mentality. You must speak openly and loudly to oppose such acts, help others who speak or act against them, provide financial help to fighters and organizations working to save Sanatan Culture. Remain vigilant and keep watching social media to keep updated about their strategies. I will try to write down an article on various types of jihads going on in our country and all over the world. By that time, please make everyone in your circle aware and please don’t feel shy in speaking out loudly.