Dr. Gaurav Pradhan


Secrets of Shiva and Jyotirlingas


If we see the radioactive map of India, radiations are found at all the 12 JyotirLingas. ShivLingas are nothing but nuclear reactors. We all know about Nuclear Reactor but may be we don’t know about the oldest Nuclear Reactors in India.


The Hindu (English News Paper) published a news that Uranium is available in Kashi (Varanasi) Ground Water. This was Published on 14 July 2008. At that time Scientists used samples of 11 different TubeWell/ Driven Well and found that there is 2 to 11 P.P.B (Particle Per Billion) Uranium in Water. So that there is probability that there was a big Nuclear Reactor at this Holy Palace.

Famous Historian Late P.N. Oak described 12 Molecular Enerfy Centre of Ancient India in Chapter 21 of First Block in his famous book “Vaidik Vishwa: Rasthra Ka Itihaas”. According to OAK that in India there are 12 “Jyotirlinga”. All these reactor were located at these 12 Jyotirlinga.

They are as follows:

1. Somnath (Gujarat)

2. Malikaarjun (Andhra Pradesh)

3. Mahakal (Ujjain)

4. Onkareshwar (M.P)

5. KedarNath (Uttarakhand)

6. BhimShankar (Near Guwahati)

7. Kashi Vishvanath (Kashi)

8. Shrambhkeswar (Nasik)

9. Baidnath (Bihar)

10. Nageshwar (Gujarat)

11. Rameshwar (TamilNadu)

12. Ghaneswar (Aurangabad)


Consider the shape. The shape of a Shivalinga is identical to modern atomic reactors.


A Shivling is traditionally rooted in standing water below the ground level. Over the emblem also hangs a pitcher which constantly drips water over the Shivling. The holy Ganga is also depicted as flowing over the head of Lord Shiva. All these indicate condensation devices (including a crescent moon on the forehead). Why are so many condensation devices associated with Shivling (and Shiva), if it does not symbolizes an energy producing facility?

Devotees of Shiva complete only 3/4th round of the Shivling. They must turn back from the water outlet. They are not supposed to cross that waste water channel. When I asked a priest about it, he said “the water coming out of Shivling is “impure” and that one must not touch it at any cost’. Hence the waste water emerging form the Shivling depicted radioactive waste and hence traditionally should not be crossed.


A scientific neutraliser also used to be provided. Namely when Gharund is placed at the water outlet and the waste water channelled through it, devotees may freely cross the waste water channel to complete the round.

This clearly points to the fact that ancient Hindus had devised a scientific gadget by which they could neutralize the atomic waste.


On a closer analysis of the term Jyotirling, we find that the Sanskrit term ‘Jyoti’ means light and ‘ling’ means symbol. Therefore the term Jyotirling can also be translated as ‘Symbol of light’.


Each of the twelve Jyotirling is situated near a water body. Water is poured at the shivlinga. Things like Bilv-Patra, aak, aakmad, dhatura, gudhal etc are said to be the favourite things of Shiva. All these are very good absorbers of energy. It again symbolizes condensation process.


The Waves of the rock where the Shivaling is based are like the path of electrons around the center. Same as Lord Shiva Nuclear Energy is Welfare and Disastrous. Lord Shiv is Naive and Boon to Ineligible peoples and they becomes enemy of humanity. Same like it When Nuclear Power is in wrong hands the same thing happens.


Therefore there is no shock waves that creation of Lord Shiva Is done by our Scientists. When the Third Eye of Lord Shiva unstuck everything will be destroyed shows the destroying ability of Nuclear Weapon.


Therefore, Where there are Jyotirlinga’s, Definitely Nuclear Power Center were available at those places. Due to these places definetly Radiation of that Places and quantity of Uranium is also increased in nearby places. The best example of the fact is Availability of Uranium in water of Kashi.S


Some years ago, Radiation test were also compiled in Kurukshetra, and found that 3% more radiation is there in comparison of normal places. May be this is because In the War of Mahabharata, Nuclear Weapons were used. According to Historian P.N. Oak at the period of Mahabharata these 12 Nuclear Reactors Produce energy.


Chanting “Om Namah Shivaya” produces amazing energy and effects.


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