What I have closely observed during the Congress regime, I wish the same fishy conduct of the leaders may not be allowed by the talented Modi Government. The Education Minister had been acting openly and evil motivatedly to transfer the teachers and/or to cancel their transfers on being approached with something pleasing for the minister who could please the approaching person and also succeed clandestinely in making so much money that his next generation may not be required to work for livelihood. The leaders like MLA’s or MP’s have been forming of a likeminded persons coterie under the garb of a delegation for going abroad this country or that country of their choice for merry-making causing huge wasteful expenses at the cost of State Exchequer which is not property of any such individual but is exclusively the public money. Most surprising and shocking is the factor that none of the senior or controlling leadership ever thought of such bungling and defrauding play by the leaders visiting different countries repeatedly without any useful or result-oriented purpose nor the gang of such wrongdoers was asked to explain what they gained/ achieved by their foreign visits in the national interest and the interest of people of this nation.

How shameful might have been the deeds and doings of such leaders damaging the national exchequer, the crucial query remains unexplained throughout as the party leaders needs their votes and support, hell to the national interest.

The fundamental aspect regarding the sufferings of the children has to be considered by diving deeply into the subject- matter since most of the leaders are not that much educated or capable that the crux of this aspect may prove stiff to be considered, examined, pondered over and resolved finally them for requisite acumen.

The parents all over the country in general are sore over this most important point as no leader seems to borrow this embarrassing matter for its solution. I wish hopefully to request the worthy Prime Minister to ask the answer about my above mentioned fishy/ fraudulent conduct of the leaders and also the fundamental question as to the heavy burden being carried like a collie on the shoulders of the tiny students in the shape of books, notebooks etc. I am emphasing this point very seriously and sorely since the very childhood of the small children and the infants is obviously seen vanishing whereas this is the only prime time in human-life to provide an opportunity to the tiny children for proper growth so as to enjoy a healthy and stout life in future. Is anybody capable of compensating the children for their divested valuable moments?

Sir, please don’t allow the vested interests in the leadership to play with the life of the future of this nation who can have sound health if they find time and that can be possible only if the teachers do their job scrupulously and responsibly without shifting their part of duty upon the children and their parents by way of ‘’HOME WORK’’ which consumes the entire time of children at home instead of playing, frolicking or enjoy manners of amusement for their better health. There are countries with schools of high standard who do not permit the students to bring anything from home nor to take anything from school to home- just going and coming empty handed in light veins and without any burdens on shoulders nor to toil at home. How do these schools work or they are playing with the future of the children? Not a single leader’s mind got struck to this effect.

Sir, if a growing on plant is not irritated timely with its healthy growth, it is rendered senseless to keep pouring water all 24 hours when it has become a withered tree. It is, I feel, the most crucial and fundamental aspect of human life as the same tiny children today will be future of the nation. Unnecessary lucrative schemes of temptations for sportsman as being done by the Government can be hardly wise and reasonable in the light of above deficiency.