Hinduism is one of a few ancient religions to survive into modern times. The amassment of traditions that compose modern-day Hinduism have developed over at least the past 5000 years, beginning in the Indus Valley region in what was the most immensely colossal civilization of the ancient world. There is no ‘founder’ of Hinduism, nor single prophet or initial edifier. Hindus believe their religion has no identifiable beginning or end and, as such, often refer to it as Santana Dharma (the ‘Eternal Way’). As for the designation itself, ‘Hindu’ is a word first utilized by Persians, dating back to the 6th century BCE, to describe the people living beyond the Indus River. Initially it did not have a concrete religious connotation. The religious meaning of the term did not develop for roughly another 1000 years.

There are as many states, as many cities, as many villages as in India. Such traditions, many people are surprised to visually perceive. People who laugh at Hindu traditions and call it fraud will probably transmute their views by reading this because of the scientific reasons abaft the Hindu traditions, or verbally express furtively. There are many people who do not believe in Hindu philosophy and many believes, but in all it has its scientific base.

It is a false connotation that all the old experiences applicable hundreds of years ago were not just myths, but it is proved by science only then they will believe that those were not myths. In fact, all are predicated on a scientific base. We have to study the scientific base while the myths are to be believed. In fact, our archaic saints had better erudition about all sciences available today. If we go through our Vedas and all religious books and test on scientific substructure the people will find it true.

1. Greeting with folded hands

After kenning these reasons hidden behind it, not only will you be enlightened, but find factual. I am writing a series of some of the myths and its scientific base.

When meeting someone, you greet or fold with hands. Namaste or Namaskar is utilized as an obeisant form of greeting, acknowledging and welcoming a relative, guest or stranger. In some contexts, Namaste is utilized by one person to express gratitude for the assistance offered or given, and to thank the other person for his or her benevolent munificence. While praying we join hands or we do a Namaskar (a way of greeting) or we bow to god. This shows our reverence to God in Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam, etc. Additionally, it denotes our humility towards God. Just like you venerate elders or your father or mother or Experienced or cognizant people or people at higher position.

Scientific reasoning

When the top of all the fingers comes in contact with each other and they are under pressure. Due to acupressure, it has a direct effect on our ocular perceivers, auditory perceivers and encephalon, so that we can recollect the person in front for a long time.

Improvement in blood circulation by joining hands, blood circulation in the body increases. Affirmative, both positive and negative emotions are hidden in the human body. But when you join both hands for salutation, it communicates energy and positivity commences in the body.

The most paramount benefit of Namaste over Handshake is that it is one of the hygienic ways of greeting someone and this is because in case of Handshake you would have to engender a marginally physical contact with your hands to the other person, while in the case of Namaste you would not have to do any such thing.

You all must have heard about the perilous coronavirus, which is spread from one person to another with the avail of physical contacts. Affirmative, shaking hands is additionally a reason of spreading Coronavirus. So with the avail of utilizing Namaste over Handshake as a greeting way, you would be able to truncate your chances to get in contact with this virus, as with this greeting method, you will practice zero bacterial transfer. One study found that high-fives transfer bacteria from person to person. Ergo, experts recommend that cutting out handshakes must be in your hygiene list to protect yourself against cold and flu.

The heart is Strong

Our hand cells are linked to brain cells. When we verbalize hello, when we join our press the palms, the heat cycle and duteous cycle commences activating, so that the arousal commences and it calms the mind and brings bliss in the mind. Concurrently, your heart becomes vigorous and the trepidation inside you commences to culminate.

Acupressure work

When the tops of all the fingers come in contact with each other and there is pressure on them. Acupressure has a direct effect on our ocular perceivers, auditory perceivers and encephalon. Which avails to keep them active for a long time?

There is a left-side and right-side polarity of the body. The right hand constitutes positive energy and left hand negative and when we fold our hands the electromagnetic field of the body becomes neutral, which engenders a reflex action in the nerves, ultimately resulting in the secretion of the pituitary gland. This engenders a resonance rhythm in the encephalon, which engenders a state of rumination.

We can win the heart of millions of people with folded hands. The gesture is a symbol of compliance, submission, sincerity and repentance. When we fold our hands in prayer, we are symbolically communicating with reverence and accolade to God, pledging to Him our fidelity and staunchness and requesting guidance to consummate our true purport on earth It additionally ascertain that when our soul leaves our physical body, that we bring “home” the experiences and learnedness that was expected of us during our time on earth.

2. Worship of people

Many people think that ghosts run away from worshiping people. This tree is very special for Lord Hanuman. It’s also a strong belief that Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma & Lord Vishnu used to hold their advisory under a peepal tree. Even goddess Lakshmi is believed to reside in a Peepal tree on Saturdays and that is why women worship the tree for many boons and blessings

Scientific logic- It is worshiped, so that people have respect for this tree and do not cut it. People are the only tree that carries oxygen even at night. People are a storehouse of medicinal value and are used to treat many ailments and diseases, ranging from asthma and skin diseases, to kidney and various blood-related problems. Peepal tree leaves contain Glucose, Asteroid and Mennos, Phenolic while its bark is rich in Vitamin K, tainen and Phaetosteroline. All of these ingredients make the people tree an exceptional medicinal tree. Its leaves, fruits, bark, all diseases are perishable, Blood disorders, phlegm, bile, inflammation, inflammation, anorexia, Toxin, cough, asymmetry, hiccups.

It is used in diseases like leprosy, skin diseases, etc. due to its properties. The properties of the Peepal tree and its leaves (Peepal Leaf) have been told that the use of Peepal brings colour, relieves wounds, swelling, and pain. Papal cleanses the blood. Peepal bark is beneficial in urinary-vaginal disorders. The use of people bark clears the stomach.

3. Do not sleep under a Peepal tree at night

Scientific Reason

During the day, carbon dioxide is used by the photosynthesis. That is, the plants leave carbon dioxide at night. On the basis of this it is that in the night if you sleep under the tree, you will not get oxygen, which can cause breathing problem, suffocation etc. But at night we should not sleep under the tree.

Its shade provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer

Peepal leaves provide the flow of air and Infectious germs of disease is gradually destroyed by the sound.

4. Kumkum / Tilak on the forehead Women and men apply Kumkum or Tilak on the forehead

Scientific logic- A vein runs between the ocular perceivers to the forehead. By applying Kumkum or Tilak, the energy of that place remains. When applying Tilak on the forehead, when there is pressure with the thumb or finger, then the skin of the face supplies blood

The space between the eyebrows is associated with Intuition. The forehead denotes spirituality. So when a long Tilak is put starting from ajna chakra (between eyebrows) & moving upwards, then it is to take the individual’s cerebrations towards spirituality, which is the paramount purport of any religious act.

The scriptures state that we should utilize the middle finger to apply Tilak.

Since this finger is associated with the heart, the vibrations permeating it are carried to the heart. When applying Tilak to Parameshwar in the mid-brow region vibrations emanating from the ‘third eye’ present there are carried by it to the heart, thereby engendering devotion and deport (spiritual emotion) in the mind throughout the day and imparting Shanti (serenity).