You may be surprised at the heading of this article but whatever I am going to mention here is the absolute truth. In today’s world of internet and social media no one can avoid using it. Internet has made our life very easy if used carefully but the use of social media platforms gives them direct entry into your life. The use of these platforms does have negative aspects as it consumes a lot of time in unnecessary surfing besides its ill effects on our health.

Although use of such platforms has made our life easy as it is helping in better and fast communication, obtaining information within few seconds, remaining connected with our loved ones. While using the necessary and most needed platforms and APPs we start using many other applications which otherwise are not required.

Whenever we install any APP, it asks for permission to use your camera, microphone, contacts, media gallery, messages etc. etc. Basically, it acquires access to every nook and corner of your phone and you happily agree to it without knowing the consequences. Whenever we give such permissions, we agree and allow that APP to keep a constant watch on our each and every action. Not only this whatever message, media, documents we have in our phone or send through these applications, a copy is duly stored in the server of such application.

Please read this carefully. I am telling you the real incidents happened/ noticed with/ by me:

  1. I sent an email to a National News channel requesting to broadcast news about a particular crime on its Utube channel and within next 5 minutes when I opened Utube the episode on that crime came on my screen.
  2. Just today one of my friends called me and asked a question about taxation. As soon as tried to search on google. After typing single word google gave me option of what my friend asked for on call.
  3. My family while sitting in a room was discussing about some product. During this chat one of us picked his phone and was amazed to see the screen saver of same product on his screen.

It is very common and every one of us might be aware that whatever product we search on google, the advertisement of that product start displaying on our screen but here if you notice they are keeping an eye on what I write in a mail or talk during call or even what we talk during our family time.

It is really very dangerous as they have access to our camera and microphone, they are getting every information about us. I personally feel that they are not only recording our chats but the camera also keeps working while our phone is lying idle. It is also quite possible that all the pics and videos you shoot through mobile, a copy of them is immediately saved on their server. So, be careful because everything in this world is saleable and our personal info and data is most expensive. In future the companies owning data will be costliest because such data holds the key in selling products online. Now you can well imagine how the MNCs capture market in such a short span, as they approach the potential customer at right time.

Every other day and more particularly recently when the government told the social media platforms to abide by the newly enacted laws about transparent mechanism to resolve the grievance of public, the opposition leaders raised hue and cry in the name of privacy along with these social media platforms. Now you can very well imagine that why such social media platforms which are keeping an eye on our each and every movement are raising questions of privacy?

The government has simply asked them to provide grievance redressal mechanism and to store the data on a server maintained in India but they are reluctant to do so because the future war will be for data only.

Our personal data gives them absolute idea about our habits, liking, disliking, daily routine etc. With the help of that data, they serve us with what we want and it helps them in controlling market share. A big market share means big money and big money means a powerful nation.

The more hue and cry during the second wave of Corona was not for our wellbeing rather it was a conspiracy of international pharma companies which were trying to push their vaccines, medical equipment’s, medicines etc. in India. For achieving this purpose, they paid a huge sum to some people who not only created fear in the mind of public through hoarding of oxygen cylinders, medicines, vaccines etc. and started questioning about shortage of same vaccine about which they raised doubts few months ago.

To understand this whole game plan of international mafia you need to analyze statements of few leaders during last 6/8 months. Their next game plan is also exposed as they have a nexus with the foreign country which has made the virus and started a bio-logical war. How these people came to know that there will be a third wave and it will hit children? At the same time coincidentally a big pharma giant announces trial of vaccine for children. If you see all these events in chronological manner everything will be clear. Our government is trying hard to make everything in India but it direly needs the support of citizens without which it cannot win this war.

So, keeping in view the present scenario and future, we need to devise our strategy to fight with this data war and to preserve our privacy. Our bad luck is the most intelligent talent of IT went abroad due to lucrative packages offered by them and our corporates seems to be ignorant about this. Hopefully, Reliance, Tata or some big corporate group, whom people keep abusing all the time, can help us by launching indigenous social media platforms because it needs huge investment.

I would suggest that we must restrict the use of these gadgets in case of necessity only although it is not easy to do. Dependence on these gadgets is such that we can’t imagine life without them. The fraudsters are taking full advantage of it and are causing huge loss to users. These hackers are blackmailing corporates and big business houses. Firstly, they hack the systems of such corporates and then ask ransom to release their data. Many times, they don’t return the data even and causes huge loss on both sides. These gangs act from far regions where the complainant can’t dare to go. Even the police authorities seem helpless in catching them. So, the policy “prevention is better than cure” should be adopted to minimize the risk.