All the religions in world have some formal way of worshipping God. The main religions in India are Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Bodh, Muslims and Christian. Every religion has a separate set of principles of worshipping God. Here we will discuss about all the above religions in short and about Sanatan in detail.

Sikhs: Sikhs believe in Shri Guru Granth Sahib a holy book written by their Gurus starting from first Guru Shri Nanak Dev Ji and the tenth Guru Gobind Singh ji. Sikhs normally visit to Gurudwara where they worship the Guru Granth Sahib. There is no specific day fixed for worship but generally every Sikh visit the Gurudwara on the Birth or Death Anniversary of Gurus. Even a large number of Hindus also visit Gurudwara on regular basis because as per some old tradition the eldest boy of family used to become a Sikh and other as non-sikh. This tradition started as Guru Gobind Singh ji called the public to devote a family member to be sworn as a Sikh so that a force can be build to fight with Mughals and ensure safety of innocent public. Since the Mughals were too cruel that they used to loot the people, abduct minor girls and women, rape them and keep them as slave. Seeing all this Guru Gobind Singh constituted a force and named them as Singh “Lion” to fight with the excesses of Mughals.

Jain: Jains believe in Bhagwan Mahavir Swami and worship them. Their main Mantra is Navkar Mantra and they don’t have any prescribed place of worship. They maintain Jain Sathanak where their Saints visit and reside to bless the followers. They don’t have any specific or fixed day of worshipping and they celebrate Paryushan Parv.

Buddhist: Bodh or Buddhist is religion started by Bhagwan Gautam Budh. Buddhist believe in meditation more.

Christian: Christians believe in Jesus Christ and visit Church. Usually they have fixed Sunday as a day to visit church.

Muslims: Muslims believe in Allaha and build mosque where they visit for namaz. Although a devoted Muslim offer namaz five times a day but Friday has been fixed for offering namaz collectively in mosque.

Hindus: Hindus usually maintain a small place to offer prayers in their homes. In Hindus we have a sect called Arya Samaj which was established by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. Arya Samajis don’t believe in idol worship as Sanatanis does and they believe in Vedas. They offer prayers through Havan/ Yajna. Sanatanis believe in Idol worship and hence build temples.

As per Supreme Court of India temple and gurudwara is considered as a home of Bhagwan and Guru Granth Sahib and they are considered as alive. Our Bhagwan and Guru Granth Sahib being alive can fight case in their own name. Whereas mosque is not an integral part of islam and it is just a community centre where they assemble to offer prayers. Even as per Islam no mosque can be constructed on a used land which means a mosque can be constructed on a barren land only.

The above fact of regarding mosque construction is openly accepted by Islamic scholars but even then, they fail to reply when asked about demolition of 40,000+ temples of Hindus by Mughals. The most stunning fact is that a person who claims to be Islamic follower and calls Islam a religion of peace, never accepts the fact that the Mughals had committed a blunder by demolishing Temples. They claim every right on Bharat but they never accept the Sanatan Philosophy as theirs, even though it is a well-known and established fact that our civilization is far older than others.

Why we need temples?

In old times our rishis used to live in jungles so that they can follow their daily routine without disturbance. They never lived in populated villages. Rishis used to get up before 4.00 A.M. to do their Sadhana and Meditation. This process was used to be repeated in the evening also. They never mingled up with the general public and used to visit villages only for obtaining bhiksha. Bhiksha never means begging as they used to collect only that much of food which was enough for their livelihood. They never used to stock anything and that’s why, they managed to live in small huts. They had minimal items of their use. With the passage of time, such places had got a lot of positive energy and spiritual powers due to strong meditation and Sadhana done by such rishis and converted into a place of worship which fulfill the wishes of general public. Such places became renowned temples as you see today.

If you visit villages, even today you will find the majority of population living in small houses. So, the villagers used to construct a common place of worship called as temple where they all used to assemble in morning and evening to offer prayers. Many kings and rulers had built beautiful temples as per their beliefs which we see even today.

Logic behind constructing temples was very genuine. A place where one can find peace and do meditation or offer prayers without any disturbance. Even the students preparing for exams want a peaceful place to study so that he can concentrate on studies because any disturbance or voice causes disturbance in his studies. Same is the logic behind building a temple at lonely place. If you search in history you will find that all the ancient temples were built at a lonely place, away from habitation, with the same logic.

Idol worshipping does have a strong logic. Even the science has accepted that “Telepathy” exists. Telepathy is a connection between two persons sitting far away from each other. As our old rishis used to tell everything about a person whom they have never met. It was all power of meditation and telepathy. As the telepathy works through waves, same is the case of storing positive powers at one place. Temple where so many people come and do meditation and sadhana develops a positive power which provides solace and peace to people coming there. Idols are used to increase the concentration of devotees. If you see a beautiful idol of god in temple you forget everything for some time. Fragrance of Dhoop, Flowers and other items such as Kesar, Kumkum etc. used for worship increases your concentration and helps in meditation.

Ram Temple:

No one in Bharat is unaware about Bhagwan Ram. We know the place of his birth and everything. Now the point is when Islam prohibits construction of Mosque on used land Why Ram Temple was destroyed? The simple answer is just to demoralize us, mughals demolished the temples. They wanted to prove themselves as more powerful and also that our Bhagwan does not exist. This was also a reason why many Hindus converted to Islam due to fear. They used all the means to establish Gajwa-a-Hind but could not succeed due to various brave personalities we had from time to time. Mughals never succeeded in ruling the whole of India at any point of time. People like Shivaji Maharaj, Marathas, Maharanas of Rajasthan, Maharaja Ranjit Singh and many others kept them restricted. Whatever they won was due to betrayal of some people. Whatever success they got was because of betrayal or fraud.

Although they demolished 40,000+ temples Sanatanis being the most tolerant in the world never asked for returning all of them. Even in 1947 when the partition took place a separate country was demanded in the name of Islam. Muslims had no right to retain those temples because they had got a separate country. But as the radical Islamist does, they have not agreed to return the three major Temples i.e. Mathura, Kashi and Ayodhaya. We fought for 492 years and got it through Supreme Court judgement. It was a blot on us which we needed to remove.

If you see the recent action of Islamic Country Turkey which has converted a 1000 years old church into a Mosque, it clearly proves beyond any doubt the mentality of these radical Islamists. Even after the Supreme Court Judgement one Maullana Madni has clearly said that they will demolish the Ram Temple whenever they came to power, may be even after 50-100 years. This shows the mentality of these Jihadi type people who have an agenda of Gajwa-a-Hind.

I am writing this article to make all the readers aware that you need to fight these radicals otherwise the day is not far when you will again become slaves and just check out the history of 56 Islamic States you will find that just 30-40-50 years ago they were ruled by some other community and today that ruling community has either totally finished or is in meagre percentage. I am also writing this article for self-satisfaction so that I can put in my best efforts to awaken the sleeping and divided community called Sanatanis.

Please wake up from your deep sleep and be alert from so-called one-sided secularism if you want to see your coming generations live happily.