Today, many forces are working together to prove our sanatan culture, ideology and traditions, values and ethos as orthodox whereas the truth is all our traditions and rituals were not only scientific but also logical. To demolish the narratives being created by such enemies of Sanatan culture, we have decided to publish a series of articles to make our young generation aware about the truth.

It is not possible to mention all the traditions and rituals here but we will keep writing/ updating this information as and when we will receive any queries from public. This is the first article of this series and request all the readers to give feedback and point out if any discrepancy is noticed or found by them.


It is blamed that sanatan culture promote untouchability. This is absolutely wrong and a false narrative has been created. The genesis of untouchability lies behind the tradition of maintaining cleanliness. Our ancestors were so intelligent that they were aware about various diseases being spread due to close contact between two persons. The tradition of taking bath after going toilet, washing hands after doing any work, leaving shoes outside the house, washing hands, face and foot after coming from work or before having meals were started so as to maintain hygiene. All these things are constantly reminded to us throughout the day through advertisements by the government itself.

At that time distance was maintained from the person who used to collect garbage or clean toilets. Today’s generation may not be aware of this fact that a few decades ago many cities, especially small towns, didn’t have toilets which we are using today. The flush system was not there and therefore, faeces used to be collected manually from toilets. So, it was need of the hour to maintain distance from the person while performing the task. Though the so-called guardians of society manipulated the reasoning and created distance between communities so as to establish their supremacy over others. In fact, it was so, just due to the nature of work and to save others from coming into contact of any virus or bacteria. It was never with the intention to disrespect anyone. Since, our young generation has not seen that life style, they got trapped into the wrong propaganda being carried on by our enemies. Can anyone eat something from a vendor sitting near garbage dump or serving with unclean hands? Can they allow an untidy and unclean person to have meals with them? The reasons for which they will not allow so, were the reasons at that time also.


After death of a person, family used to do funeral before the sun set and people going in funeral used to take bath at the specified place while coming back, after completing the rituals. A quarantine period of twelve days was prescribed, during which none of family members was allowed to go outside the house and all the family members used to read religious books or path of Garud Puran was done. Such religious rituals were helpful for the bereaved family in coming out of grief and provided strength. These all rituals were established to avoid transmission of disease further in village/ city.

In those days, transportation facilities were not so fast. People used to reach from one place to another place in couple of days, depending upon the distance. So, the relatives residing at far places used to come and console family members during twelve days period.

Emotional bonding was so strong that, during these twelve days’ quarantine period, the bereaved family was not supposed to do anything rather the relatives, neighbors and friends used to stay there and take care of everything.


In past, according to our culture and tradition, we used to send the pregnant lady to her parental house. There was a sound logic behind that. When a girl gets married, the matrimonial house belongs to her and she has to take care of that as a house master. As a house master she cannot take full rest or follow the guidelines of doctor but the case is entirely different in her parental house. Moreover, during first few years of marriage, the girl remains more inclined towards her parents and parental house and feel more relaxed and happier there. A happy and calm state of mind of would-be mother is beneficial for child’s health.

But what we did? We were told that our culture and traditions are wrong and burdensome for girl’s parents and accordingly, we started dis-respecting them. The result of which is in front of us. Today, mostly ladies give birth to their child in husband’s house. Now, the point is, we want nuclear families, secondly, we claim that the girl has equal rights on her husband’s house after marriage. When the girl is equal owner of house, then she is supposed to manage all the affairs herself as house master. In such circumstances, the pregnant lady finds it difficult to manage the house and her pregnancy issues together and also her office work, if working. During this period, she gets irritated naturally, due to medical reasons also, coupled with the burden as mentioned above, then what will be the impact on the child?

So, basically the tradition was established for the wellbeing of both the mother and child.

I hope after reading the above points you would appreciate that our old traditions were scientific and logical. If you like this article, please give your feedback to encourage the author to come out with more such articles. Do like and share it, so that awareness amongst youngsters may be created and the propaganda of enemies may be demolished.