The Prime Minister of our country Mr. Narendra Modi is a distinguished person having extraordinary energy to work for the nation. He has served the state of Gujarat for 12 years approximately before becoming Prime Minister of India.

A particular class does not like people like Mr. Modi for reasons which are not publicly known. Generally, the people of India love him and that is the reason that he has been re-elected with thumping majority.

Actually, since Independence India has seen the rule of Congress party for approximately 54 years. When India got Independence the first prime minister of India Mr. Nehru, was fond of English lifestyle because he studied in U.K. and belonged to a rich family. He was not well aware of mentality of communists and other people. That was the reason that he handed over the work of history writing to people who did their best to put all the real heroes of India out of the history and include the invaders. They praised the invaders to such extent that they became heroes for coming generations.

The main principle of communist mentality is to always oppose the establishment. They always work anti-establishment. For full details about this communist philosophy, you may refer a series of articles “वामपंथ: “अ” से लेकर “ज्ञ” तक” published on our website in hindi.

The 54 years rule of Congress has given India an illness called corruption for which no treatment is visibly available. This tendency of corruption is engraved mostly in every person of India. Somehow the villages and villagers are still honest and that is an advantage for our country.

Now, if you see on the one hand are the communists working anti-establishment all the time and on the other hand are those corrupt people who are afraid of losing their corruption money due to various steps being initiated by the Government. The third category opposing the PM is of community whose appeasement has been stopped now.

The Government is working day and night to make India a super power and for that it is necessary to eradicate corruption and malpractices present in our system. For this overhauling of system is required and for that the support of public is a must. If you see this Government’s working, it has changed or brought so many new laws within 6 years, which were not even brought during 60 years since independence. Maximum laws of our country were introduced by Britishers and over the years, the previous governments never bothered to alter them to suit the present situation. Whatever changes were done in law were to appease some particular community or caste. e.g. Shah Bano case, Reservation policy, minority policy etc.

Since independence this is the first Government which is working for every citizen without bothering to appease some particular caste or community. Still there are certain decisions which the Government is reluctant to take because the abovesaid parties are waiting for any such decision so that they can provoke riots and destabilize the Government e.g. CAA and NRC. These opponents don’t mind in taking help of other countries even to destabilize the Government because many decisions have been taken in the interest of the nation but has caused loss to them e.g. Demonetization, GST, FCRA, CAA/ NRC etc.

According to Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, leading Supreme Court Advocate, a consignment of forged currency consisting of thousands of crore rupees was unloaded in Tamilnadu under the patronage of a Union Leader. He has clearly mentioned the name of leader also in his video available on youtube but the strange fact is, that person has never dared to prosecute Dr. Swamy. Besides the above instance there were many other reasons for demonetization. Due to certain corrupt officials / bizmen / professionals this exercise was manipulated but still it has been beneficial for the country.

Previously, the Bizmen had been complaining about double taxation on goods and had been demanding GST but when this Government implemented it, some started opposing it, why? Actually, all honest bizmen are very happy with GST and only the corrupt or tax evaders are opposing it. Although there were teething troubles in implementation but the Government has provided every support. It increased the working of accountants, C.A., Advocates and they started demanding more charges from bizmen. Some bizmen are opposing it just because they are required to maintain proper books or pay more to professionals.

Another great decision which has been taken by this Government is to remove Article 370. Indians have been demanding abolition of this article because 5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits were forced to leave their homes, as per various claims. This was biggest genocide in the world but have you ever heard any of these hypocrites talking about it? A single death of Akhlakh matters for them as it suits to their agenda and they started calling the country intolerant but they never talk on brutal killing of Ankit Sharma, Kamlesh Tiwari and many others. They tried their level best to provoke violence but could not succeed.

Fortunately, after a fight of 492 years, Hindus won the war against the ill act of demolishing Ram Temple when the Hon’ble Supreme Court gave its decision in favour of Hindus. Our tolerance is such that even after such a big decision no one celebrated it just because that community may feel hurt, whose followers are found killing innocent people every other day shouting a specific slogan. These opponents are so hypocrite that they act unitedly in tandem and make an innocent person feel like culprit.

Citizenship Amendment Act was the most required thing for our country. India being the only nation for Hindu, Sikh, Jain etc. communities, it provides for grant of citizenship to persons religiously persecuted in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. In reality the population of all these communities, in the said countries, has reduced to such a large extent due to religious persecution. Above all it is applicable to a few thousand people who are already residing in India before December 2014, since long. Since all the mentioned countries are Islamic, Muslims are not included in that. Can anyone believe that a Hindu is religiously persecuted in India? Then how Muslims can be in an Islamic State? But these opponents started opposing this decision too which resulted in riots in Delhi which claimed 53 lives, as per reports.

As the Government was acting so fast and taking decisions one after another, these people started agitation at various places in the name CAA. Actually, it was never about CAA rather it was a cumulative effect of last few decisions taken by the Government. These opponents are so shrewd and cunning that they knowingly spread lies just to create disturbance. Shaheen Bagh protests and then the very well-planned riots prove the case.

The Government has not stopped even after all their efforts and brought in another amendment in law for the benefit of farmers. According to the amendments the farmers will be now free to sell their produce to any person or party, whosoever pays higher price and save the mandi tax and brokerage. They can also enter into an agreement with corporates for contract farming but all safeguards have been provided so that they don’t lose their right on land. Even the present MSP and Mandi system will continue and it will be prerogative of farmer to sell his produce, the way he likes. These opponents have again started spreading lies and provoking the farmers to agitate.

Now, the readers may ask that how a reasonable person can oppose a good act? It is possible only when someone does it with ulterior motives. They took full advantage of illiteracy while misguiding the public and creating false narratives.

There are three categories of people opposing every good action taken by government. First one is the political opponents. This category is supposed to oppose wrong actions of the government but they are opposing every good act instead. They provoke the people by misleading them. They are so desperate to acquire the power that they can go to any extent. They openly appease some communities and while doing so they forget that others are also residing here. We are facing the consequences of decisions taken by such power-hungry class to appease such communities, till date. While pursuing their preset agenda, they even oppose or criticize or raise questions on the integrity of the institutions like Army, ISRO etc.

Second class is that of communist mentality which always work anti-establishment until they themselves are in power. This communist mentality has done much damage to our country as clearly visible from present day poor condition of West Bengal where they were in power for decades. Urban Naxals are also part of this category. Detailed article on this category is also available on our website.

Third one and most dangerous category is opposing the government because they want to establish “Gajwa A Hind”. Many readers may not agree with author’s opinion and in that case, they can search various videos available on various social media platforms to know the level of gravity of situation. Mostly the elite and educated people belonging to this community are vigorously pursuing this objective and they are openly saying this thing in their community gatherings. Readers can see various videos of Jakir Naik and alikes. Maullana Madni has clearly, while commenting on Ram Temple decision, said that they will reclaim and rebuild the Babri Mosque when they came in power, may be after 50 years. One Akbaruddin Owaisi had clearly threatened in one public meeting that if police is removed for 15 minutes they will show their strength. Sharjil Imam, Amantulla Khan, Shehla Rashid etc. raised anti India slogans and as per reports they were also involved in provoking Delhi riots. These people are not afraid of anyone. Even our courts and governments never take stern action against them. The glaring example of this is Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Delhi against whom numerous criminal cases are going on and he has been never arrested. He is roaming free because the government had told the court that if he is arrested, communal harmony will be disturbed. What the hell is this? I don’t understand that where the constitutional provisions go in such cases and why the so-called saviors of Constitution keep mum. They came out for candle march and agitation when any Akhlakh is killed but never speak when it is other way round, why?

Why and how we have become so coward? It is just because we have been told to be calm and tolerant since childhood but never told not to bear injustice. Why we pray the Krishna with Radha and not the Dwarkadhish who killed all demons and Kans. Had our parents told us to be brave and fight back, this situation would have never arisen. The rule of Mughals and Britishers has made us so coward that we keep on avoiding the visible threats, as we doing now. Some of you might still feel that there is no such threat but remember that 30 years ago Kashmiri Pandits were also thinking in same manner but what happened? They were looted, girls and women raped and were forced to leave their ancestral place, overnight. Dasna, Mewat, Kairana and many places in West Bengal, Kerala, Bihar, U.P. have seen repeat of Kashmir exodus. Even recently the Hindus are selling their houses in Delhi after riots.

We are lucky that the present government is nationalist and progressive. We have seen how this government is tackling the China and Pakistan. In past we were afraid of Pakistan but today it is not so even though China is also trying to threaten us but a befitting reply is being given. Now in my opinion we must support this government whole heartedly if we want a safe and developed country for our children. We all must act unitedly against the anti-nationals. Must do whatever we can. Provide financial support to the organizations working in national interest, speak openly against injustice and wrong acts, support nationalists on social media and oppose anti-nationals, like and share the videos and posts of national interest so as to create awareness and support this movement of saving the only country belonging to you.

We must try and pressurize the government to bring Population Control Act, Common Civil Code and such other laws immediately so as to save this country before it is too late.

If you don’t agree with any of the points given in this article or think otherwise, please do give your feedback or share it on the discussion forum of our website so that a healthy discussion can take place.