Great Information about Sanatan

Due to the present education system I was unable to reply many queries raised by my children about Sanatan Philosophy but this site has helped me in thinking logically about all Sanatan traditions and now I am able to satisfy queries of my children. Thanks meihikyun.


Great stuff to read

The variety of topics covered here are very useful. I found some of them as informative and eye opening. Thanks to the Team MeiHiKyun for their efforts.

jatin verma

Wonderful site and platform

The best thing about this site is that I don’t need to disclose my identity while sharing my problem and people provide advice to each other without prejudiced mind. Moreover I found solutions to problems which I cant share with anyone.

Great expert advice

I am really happy with this platform as the expert panel has helped me a lot in solving my problem and that too free. I was worried a lot because I could not share my problem with my friends or relatives. Thanks a lot to the team MeiHiKyun.

Independent women

A fantastic platform

When someone informed me about this website I was surprised to see the fantastic efforts put in by the team. I heartily congratulate the founders for their broad vision and mission to help the society. I feel this website will be useful for all as everyone has one or other issue which he/she can’t share with anyone but wish to discuss it to find out the solutions.
Great work!

Ram Kishore
Social Worker

One problem, many solutions

The best part of this platform is people advice without knowing each other. Many solutions r provided for one problem and one can choose the best suitable to him.


Crazy platform

I like helping people and this platform provide me opportunity to help others. It gives me pleasure whenever I help some one and it is useful for subscribers too.

Intelligent advisor

Great place to spend quality time

I really enjoy reading articles on this platform and by reading the problems and replies posted on discussion forum we can get solutions to various problems and can also help others.


बहुत बढिया वेबसाइट

ये वेबसाइट बनाने वालों का तहेदिल से शुक्रिया। मैं अपनी एक गलती को लेकर बहुत परेशान था क्यूंकि मै उसका जिक्र किसी से नही कर सकता था। इस वेबसाइट पे अपनी गलती का उद्दगार करके मुझे आत्मसंतुष्टि तो मिली ही मेरा आत्मग्लानि का भाव भी खत्म हो गया। मैं मैहीक्यूं का आभारी हूँ।


Achi website

Bahut achi website hai par hindi k articles or hone chahiye. Eska discussion forum bahut achi jagah hai jaha hum apni baat rakh sakte hai or samasya ka samadhan pa sakte hai.


बिंदास वेबसाइट

मुझे इस वेबसाइट के बारे मे मेरे दोस्त ने बताया। मै ये देखकर हैरान रह गया कोई इंसान इतनी गहराई तक सोच सकता है। मुझे पक्का यकीन है कि एक दिन यह वेबसाइट बहुत लोकप्रिय होगी। वेबसाइट बनाने वालो को साधुवाद।

मस्त मौला

Thanks to team “MeiHiKyun”

I subscribed this platform because I was facing a problem in dealing with cases filed against me by my advocate husband, which I was reluctant to share with known persons, and no local lawyer could genuinely help me. I am really thankful to this platform for providing me numerous solutions.

Working Women

Superb website

I am amazed to see such an innovative website. It’s awesome. I can share my problem n get various solutions and at the same time I can suggest solutions to others. Thanks to the team for bringing such platform.


New age website

I am happy to see that how innovative our new generation can think and act. Keep up the good work.

J K Tiwari

Good articles

It’s good to see numerous articles on different topics at one place. Superb job guys.


Worth reading articles

It’s good to see articles on different topics on single platform. Keep it up.

Amit Tripathi, Indore

बहुत बहुत आभार

मैं कानपुर की रहने वाली कामकाजी महिला हूँ। मैंने फेसबुक पर पोस्ट देखकर इस साइट पर अपनी समस्या डाली और उम्मीद के विपरित मदद पाकर मे हैरान रह गई। सभी से अनुरोध है कि इसका लाभ उठाए।

कामकाजी महिला

Nice initiative

I saw this website at instance of my relative. It’s really good to see such an innovative idea to resolve problems. Articles on different subjects are also very nice. I love surfing on this website.

Retired officer