IT’S ALL ABOUT: Mei hi kyun or Why me?

We human beings always have following questions in our mind that:

Why the worst things happen to me only?

Why the things, circumstances, situations, environment, friends, relatives, colleagues, partners, customers, clients, boss, employer, employee, parents are adverse to me?

Why everything does not work as per my liking?


Every one in this world always think that why the bad or worst things happens with him/ her only?

He/ she never asks about the good things happening with him/her.

It is a quite natural human behaviour that we forget the good things and remember the bad ones.

We never try to remember the good things and forget the bad ones.

And that’s why everyone is frustrated.


So, we are here to help each and every frustrated mind out.

To find out what went wrong?

To know why it went wrong?

To check how it went wrong?

Who is responsible for it?

What is his/ her role in it?

Was he/ she right from every angle?

Had the wrong occurred due to his/ her fault?


To find answer you can do any of the following things:

You can ask your partner/ spouse

You can ask your family members

You can ask your friends or relatives

You can ask some expert or  counsellor or

You can share your problem here…….. Without disclosing your identity and also read other’s experience on the same issue.



As mentioned above you can try to find out the cause by discussing it with others but then:

Ego stops from talking to partner/ spouse.

Feeling of bias stops from talking to family members.

Gut feeling stops from talking to friends or relatives.

Feeling shame in discussing with experts/ counsellors.

Self guilt stops from expressing openly.

Actually above problems arise because we don’t want to discuss it face to face, to avoid embarrassment. So, we have tried to find out the solution to all these problems/ issues.



This is platform for all such persons who are willing to know the reasons but are reluctant to discuss it with their partner, parents, friends, relatives or publicly with any one.

We are providing you a platform not only to share:

Your thinking, feelings, thoughts, sentiments, opinion, views, ideas, attitude, approach, outlook, spirit, mood, emotions, reactions, passion, excitement with others

But also to read and understand others view point, thinking, reaction, approach, outlook towards same problem or issue.

Here you can: express your views, see others opinion/ outlook, share and discuss with others, can read or post articles on topics of your interest, seek advice from experts, see links to motivational videos or contents.

Simply speaking, this is a platform for everyone where he/she can do lot of things to gain mental peace and happiness by sharing his/ her problems by various means and still maintaining secrecy.


SECRECY, CONFIDENTIALITY, PRIVACY of problems, issues raised or posted here is maintained.

OPENNESS, FRANKNESS, SINCERITY, HONESTY, GENUINENESS of all in posting their issues, problems, ideas due to first reason.

MULTIPLE OPINIONS, IDEAS, VIEWS, APPROACH, OUTLOOK, REACTIONS of others on same issues/ problems are available at one place.

HONEST, SINCERE, GENUINE COMPARISION with others opinion, views on same issues can be done by yourself without disclosing anyone.

DISCOVERY OF REASON for underlying issue/ problem without feeling down can be ascertained easily.

RESOLUTION/ SOLUTION of the issue/ problem can be found with the help views, articles or opinions of other participants/ experts.

MULTIPLE OPTIONS to deal with the issue/ problem are available due to more participants at one place.

FREE AND FRIENDLY for users and you are not required to pay anything until you seek/ choose paid expert opinion.

MULTIPLE DISCUSSIONS on single issue/ problem. No time limit for discussing issues/ problems and can be discussed again and again without feeling shy.

FREE ACCESS TO EXPERT VIEWS with the help of articles or opinions posted by other expert participants.

FREE MULTIPLE ADVISES due to more participants. You need not visit or discuss issues with multiple professionals rather variety of professionals or experts may be available to you at one place.

ANY ISSUE/PROBLEM can be discussed here. There is no bar and you can discuss N number of problems in one go.

ANYTIME ANYWHERE you can use this platform while sitting at your home or work place or from anywhere at anytime suitable to you.

NO BINDING OF TIME as you can discuss or raise the issue or problem with out any time limit or restriction as there are no office hours or restrictions.

ANYONE can post and discuss and seek opinion. You can do so on behalf of others or to help others.

NO PHYSICAL INTERACTION and hence the identity can be kept secret unless you yourself decide to disclose.

SELF GUILT can be shared and you can feel relaxed after sharing the same and hearing view of others on the same.



This is a user friendly platform which you can use by simply registering yourself.

Free registration and usage until you choose to avail any paid service(s).

You can choose to keep your identity secret by selecting appropriate box while registering.

You can also act as an expert and for that a separate form is to be filled. FOR REGISTERING AS AN EXPERT contact us.

After registering yourself you can post your queries / opinions/ views under relevant section.

You can also comment/ suggest on others post/ queries.

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