Mostly the married man asks the question “Why to get married?”. The funny thing is that they ask this after getting into this bond. For unmarried, asking such question seems justified as they are trying to find out the reasons for getting married.

As we are aware that the human body and the whole universe is constituted of five elements i.e. Dharti, Aakash, Vayu, Agni and Jal. Each of these elements has its own role to play and absence of any one of them could destroy the universe. Can we imagine the life without these elements, no not at all?

The God, has designed the universe in such a beautiful way that each one of the constituent elements complement each other. If we deeply analyze the things, we will find that there is a reason for creation of everything in this universe. May it be plant, herbs, shrubs, trees, rivers, ponds, sea, ocean, hills, creatures, animals, human beings, reptiles etc. so on and so forth.

All these things are dependent on and works in harmony with each other. God has created such a wonderful world that no one wants to leave it at any stage of life.

The most important and fantastic creation of god amongst all these is human being. Further to supplement the human life and make it interesting, the god has created various relationships. Relations such as mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt bind us emotionally. Imagine a life without such relations, you will feel as if you are useless and there is no reason to remain alive. Although there are few exceptions to this such as saint who believe in just one relationship and that is with God. They live solely to worship and for mankind.

A child when born needs a mother who takes care of all his needs. A mother takes care of his child selflessly and it is most beautiful relationship on this earth. She expects nothing from her child in return to such care. When the child grows up, he feels need of father to know the harsh reality of world and to learn to fight for survival. After learning all these things, the child become self-reliant and is ready to start his own life and at this stage the need for a life partner arises.

Although, in today’s modern world there is no difference between a man and woman but as per old traditions the work was very well bifurcated amongst the man and woman. Even today, those who believe in equal rights of both, never teach their boy household chores, why? Speaking for equal rights of man and woman sounds good but when it comes to practical, we normally bifurcate the work. How much advanced a family may be but food will be served by the ladies. Have you ever seen anyone asking their son to prepare tea or lunch for guest?

Man and woman are two wheels of a vehicle called life and both are important because you cannot run a vehicle on one wheel. So, to live a wholesome life blessed by the God, you need a life partner. A partner in everything you do. A partner in happiness, sorrow, enjoyment, facing troubles of life and enjoying the wholesomeness of it. A life without a life partner makes a man aimless. If you want to know the value of a life partner just ask those who have lost their life partner in the mid of their life.

Both the partners are important because one cannot stand on one leg for long. Those who ask, “Why to get married?” should leave their house for a year and live all alone or to realize the need of marriage. They must also imagine the situation wherein their family is not together and if they are not able to do so then the simplest way is to part ways. (Unable to understand what he wants to convey)

I don’t say that all are happily married but the real fact is you cannot expect others to behave the way you like. Every person has his own nature, attitude, thinking, way to live life and in such a case we all must provide sufficient space to others so that there is no clash.

Adjustments are must, to live a peaceful happy life. Even at work place you cannot find persons with same level of IQ and acumen. So, whether it is office or home, you must understand the fact that the nature of every human being is different and thus keep the negatives apart and positives of others in mind to maintain a good atmosphere.

There are two commonly known ways to live life. One is family life and second is sanyas. Nowadays a third life style has been adopted by our youngsters that is to live without marriage but not as sanyasi. Out of the persons choosing this new lifestyle, 50{551c903f756d5bf12b7d58e2eb1e8b74af35058efa7a05d3e7b41e9147979503} enter into married life, though at a very later stage. The result of remaining yet not known because this style has been adopted just during last 10/15 years. So, only the time will tell how these people live their life.

God has created the human being as a social animal thus he lives in society with millions and millions of other people. Only sanyasis live life in isolation and without the support of society. They are people who live in deep forests and do their meditation. Their life is very tough and that’s why we rarely find such persons. When the basic nature of human being is to live in society then accordingly, he is supposed to follow the rules and regulations also. Even the animals in jungle do follow some principles then how humans can be an exception? Still there are very few exceptional cases where some people live isolated life while being in society.

In my view marriage is a part of life and we must enjoy that while keeping in mind a few things such as checking compatibility of couple, equality in their living standards and family backgrounds etc. to avoid unnecessary arguments later on in life.


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