There is lot more said and heard about a woman, her dignity, her place in her home, and bla bla. In india, woman is even placed on a pedestal like Devi but you know that she herself doesn’t know her worth. Moreover, just knowing the worth is not sufficient, rather she needs to recognise herself and before showering love on others she needs to shower love on herself. Woman do their household chores, take care of husband, children and other family members but she forgets to take care of the person who is caring about her loved ones and that is she herself. In india, this is basic problem in every house. Women forget that if she will not take care of herself then she will not be in a position to run throughout the day round the year. Her caring will be short lived because then her body will not listen to her commands.
In today’s time, when food is so much adulterated and we hardly get anything which is pure and genuine then to keep oneself healthy becomes more challenging. A woman needs more nutritious food than a male because she gets menstruation and delivers a baby. These are the two main reasons which depletes required vitamins and minerals from her body leading to bone related problems.
Nutritious food is not only the solo thing to be taken care of rather in addition to food, woman needs to spare time for her regular exercise, may be walking, cycling, gyming, yoga or anything else of her choice. The main excuse given for not doing any physical exercise is lack of time. Here woman forgets about her ability of a good manager. She is the best student of any management course as she can manage anything falling short at the time of arrival of unexpected guests, she can manage things nicely in low budget then why can’t she manage time. Certainly she can….for herself and for her loved ones.
Woman shouldn’t forget that human life is given once and she should value it, live it to the fullest with good health and happiness.

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